#RaceAnd [VIDEOS]

#RaceAnd is a special 8-part video series produced by Race Forward’s Video Production Specialist Kat Lazo, exploring the many ways that race compounds and intersects with all the other issues faced by people of color. Each video features a different artist, activist, or thinker, sharing their lived experience how race intertwines with their other identities, and how that mix impacts their lives both personally and systemically.

Scroll through the playlist and watch all the #RaceAnd videos below:

As featured subject Kay Ulanday Barrett puts it, we can't truly work toward racial justice “if we don’t address our level of depth, and also the level of depth to which we are being harmed and limited.” And that means “in order to do so, we have to not just see race in a vacuum.”

The #RaceAnd series will be released in two parts on May 5th & May 11th. Join the conversation online using the #RaceAnd hashtag.

Special thank you to our #RaceAnd participants:
Kay Ulanday Barrett
Sonia Guiñansaca
Hye Yun Park
Arielle Newton
Jamia Wilson
Lady Dane Figueroa
Judith LeBlanc
Sonny Singh


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