Race Forward conducts original and broadly accessible research on pressing racial justice issues. Our research is focused on the ways institutional and structural racism leads to inequitable social and economic outcomes in our society and highlighting ways to nurture and strengthen social change. We believe that this requires an explicit, though not exclusive, examination of race and ethnicity and a “race and ...” approach that examines how race compounds and intersects with other societal issues. General questions about Race Forward’s research can be sent to [email protected].

Assessment of Federal Equity Action Plans

February 28, 2023
Now Available: Assessment of Federal Equity Action Plans.

In this report, Race Forward and PolicyLink reviewed 30 of the plans to examine the degree to which the plans lay the groundwork for meaningful action to advance racial equity.

Co-Governing Toward Multiracial Democracy

February 24, 2023
Report showing a tapestry of people of many different body sizes, heights, hair textures, and abilities under a shining sun, alluding to the idea of a luminous social fabric emerging, and a map..

Race Forward and Partners for Dignity & Rights release a new report, Co-Governing Toward Multiracial Democracy, featuring powerful models of collaborative governance led by communities of color across the country.

Butterfly Lab Reports

February 21, 2023
Illustration of hands reaching up to starry sky, text: A Future for All of Us.

Impact report and step-by-step toolkit for narrative change, messaging and strategic comms for social justice movements. Includes worksheets and learnings from the immigrant movement.