#RaceAnd Webinar Series

If you don’t name a problem, you can’t solve it!

At Race Forward, we explicitly lead with race because racial inequities are pervasive and deeply rooted in the history and systems in this country, and profoundly impact the lives of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

Although we lead with race, we do not address race exclusively, but rather prominently and with intersectionality (e.g., race and gender, race and immigrant status, race and cannabis, etc.). We call this a “Race And…” framework through which race is complimentary, rather than competing.

Our #RaceAnd webinar series takes this approach, focusing on issues germane to all Americans, but leading with race to show how structural racism had been detrimental to communities of color. We also provide solutions for addressing these racial inequities in our institutions and systems to advance a just, multiracial democracy.



All our scheduled trainings are currently sold out. If you have already purchased a ticket for one of our upcoming trainings, please rest assured that the training is still taking place. You can find more information about the upcoming training in your receipt email, which has a link to the Eventbrite training page.

Watch previous #RaceAnd webinars below: