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Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast features movement voices, stories, and strategies for racial justice. Co-hosts Chevon and Hiba give their unique takes on race and pop culture, and uplift narratives of hope, struggle, and joy, as we continue to build the momentum needed to advance racial justice in our policies, institutions, and culture. Build on your racial justice lens and get inspired to drive action by learning from organizational leaders and community activists.


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Pushing Back Against The Rise of Christian Nationalism Through Faith with Obery Hendricks, Ph.D

Published May 31, 2023

On this episode of Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast, Obery Hendricks, Ph.D., one of the most influential Black biblical scholars writing today, and Race Forward’s Chief of Staff Charlene Sinclair, Ph.D., who herself fashions strategies that embrace a liberationist approach to faith and spirituali

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Momentum at the White House: Historic Racial Justice Work At The Federal Level With Chiraag Bains

Published Mar 30, 2023

Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast – recorded at The White House! 

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Episode 02: “Us” Standing Up For Honest Education: A Conversation From Florida

Published Mar 13, 2023

On this episode of Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast, Marsha Guthrie, Deputy Director of Race Forward’s Government Alliance on Race and Equity’s Network Strategies, and Dr.

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Episode 01: The Beat of the Racial Justice Movement: A Conversation with Three Black Male Leaders

Published Feb 7, 2023

*This episode opens with a statement from Race Forward Executive Vice President Eric Ward on the killing of Tyre Nichols by Memphis police officers 

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Episode 05: Dissecting Immigrant Assimilation with Julissa Arce

Published Feb 7, 2023

In this episode of Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast, Julissa Arce, a nationally recognized author, speaker, and social justice advocate, joins Momentum Co-host Chevon to discuss her journey from being undocumented and working at Goldman’s Sack to sharing her

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Episode 04: Analyzing Asian-American Racism in Hollywood with Nancy Wang Yuen

Published Feb 7, 2023

In this episode of Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast, Nancy Wang Yuen, sociologist and expert on race and racism in Hollywood, joins Momentum Co-host Chevon for a conversation about the turmoils the Asian-American community experienced during and after the pandemic, the xenophobia she fac

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Episode 03: Gauge Co-Founder Joshua DuBois On The Intersections of Tech, Faith, and Racial Justice!

Published Dec 14, 2021

In this episode of Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast, Gauge co-founder Joshua DuBois joins Chevon and Hiba for a conversation about his time as White House Executive Director of the Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, how Gauge is connecting community leaders and brands on their r

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Episode 02: Leaning Into The “Dave Chappelle/ Netflix” Controversy With Dr. John Paul Higgins

Published Nov 5, 2021

In the midst of the continued fallout from Dave Chapelle’s transphobic jokes from his Netflix comedy special, Hiba and our guest co-host Dennis are here to break it all down – and have the important conversation around narrative, free speech, and the link to potential hate speech/ actions. 

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Episode 01: Season Premiere: “It’s 12:01 For Our Racial Justice Movements” with Eric K. Ward

Published Sep 22, 2021

On the Season 3 premiere of Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast, Western States Center Executive Director and Race Forward Senior Fellow Eric Ward joins us to ground and center us, and you, our listeners, in our racial justice work!

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Episode 10: Season Finale: “How to Citizen” with Baratunde Thurston, and Recognizing TV/ Movies that have Centered Race

Published May 7, 2021

On the season finale, writer, comedian, podcaster, activist, and Emmy Award-nominated host Baratunde Thurston brings us to the home stretch while providing all the laughs! 

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Episode 09: “Understanding the Power of Inequality” with Dr. Manuel Pastor, Director of the USC Equity Research Institute

Published Apr 27, 2021

Producer’s Note* The following episode was recorded the week of April 14, and just earlier this week, we received the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial.

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Episode 08: Addressing The Recent Anti-Asian Attack‪s

Published Apr 14, 2021

On this episode of Momentum, Chevon is joined by Dennis Chin, Race Forward’s Director of Strategic Initiatives for an important conversation around the recent/ ongoing anti-Asian attacks happening across the nation.

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Episode 07: Policy is Local, Local, Local! with Debra Gore-Mann from The Greenlining Institute

Published Mar 15, 2021

On this episode of Momentum, Debra Gore-Mann, President and CEO of The Greenlining Institute joins Chevon for an energizing conversation on Greenlining’s “The Solution to Redlining” work! 

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Episode 06: New Year, New Administration, and New Opportunities, with Fatima Goss Graves from the National Women’s Law Center!

Published Feb 14, 2021

A historic election in Georgia. The insurrection at the U.S Capitol. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ inauguration. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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Episode 05: Mid-Season Finale: “Culture In the Time of the Uprisings” Highlights (featuring Layshia Clarendon, Crystal Echo Hawk, and Cristina Jiminez)

Published Dec 13, 2020

In this special mid-season finale, Chevon and Hiba bring you highlights from the “Culture In the Time of the Uprisings” plenary from Facing Race: A National Virtual Conference, featuring WNBPA Vice President Layshia Clarendon, IllumiNative Executive Director Crystal Echo Hawk, and United We Dream

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Episode 04: Momentum LIVE at Facing Race with Hiba and Chevon! (with Marc Morial and Glenn Harris)

Published Nov 30, 2020

In the aftermath of a nail-biting 2020 Presidential Election, Hiba and Chevon host their first (virtual) live show joined by our Facing Race audience! (recorded via the Hopin platform)

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Episode 03: Discussing Felony Disenfranchisement with Nicole Porter from The Sentencing Project + GO VOTE!

Published Oct 29, 2020

With one week to go until the 2020 Presidential Election, Hiba and Chevon bring you an election season-themed episode for you to listen to as you make plans to vote [before, or on] Tuesday November 3rd! 

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Episode 02: Yusef Hawkins “Storm Over Brooklyn” Doc, and Reacting to the Breonna Taylor Verdict

Published Oct 14, 2020

[Producer’s Note]: This episode was originally recorded September 24th. 

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Episode 01: Starting Your Podcast and Building Community Featuring Blk Pod Collective!

Published Sep 18, 2020

For our season premiere, Chevon and Hiba link up with Blk Pod Collective’s Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Ona Oghogho, and Membership Director Sheunopa Mugobogobo to talk about the growing Black podcasting landscape and the importance of building community and showing solidarity in podcast

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Bonus: Five Things To Know About Facing Race: A National Virtual Conference

Published Sep 17, 2020

In this bonus episode of Momentum, Chevon talks to Hiba (who is also Race Forward’s Conference and Convenings Manager) about everything you need to know about Facing Race: A National Virtual Conference taking place November 10 - 12, 2020!

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Episode 10: Season Finale: Building Power with DEMOS President K. Sabeel Rahman and Recognizing a Historic Win in North Carolina

Published Jul 24, 2020

In our season finale, Demos President K. Sabeel Rahman joins Hiba and Chevon for an exciting conversation addressing racial and economic inequities to boldly fight for the future of American democracy.

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Episode 09: Superheroes and Representation in the Comic Book Universe

Published Jul 9, 2020

We’re in the full swing of summer, and Chevon and Hiba are diving into a conversation about representation in the superhero universe and the comic book world! 

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Episode 08: Honoring Junteenth, and a Conversation with Race Forward’s President, Glenn Harris

Published Jun 23, 2020

Glenn Harris, President of Race Forward and Publisher of Colorlines, joins Hiba and Chevon for a timely conversation on “the moment” our nation is facing, and the disproportionate impacts COVID-19 has had on communities of color.

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Published Jun 8, 2020

After a two month hiatus, Chevon and Hiba are back!

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Episode 06: Hyping Census 2020: My Family Matters, My Family Counts!

Published Mar 18, 2020

We’re talking all about the upcoming Census 2020, and the “My Family Matters, My Family Counts” campaign! 

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Episode 05: Kenrya Rankin, Fighting White Supremacy, and Black Romance Literature

Published Feb 24, 2020

Author, activist, and doula Kenrya Rankin (of Colorlines), joins Chevon and Hiba to talk about everything from ‘freedom dreaming’ to Black love and sex in books and podcasts.  Kenrya talks about her beginnings in Cleveland and her move to New York, what her book How We Fight White Supremacy: A Fi

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Episode 04: Angela Glover Blackwell, “Who Do We Think We Are” Colorlines Series, Discussing Lizzo and Body Positivity

Published Feb 4, 2020

Angela Glover Blackwell, founder in residence at Policylink, and host of the new Radical Imagination Podcast, joins Chevon and Hiba to talk about her longtime work as a leading voice in the movement for equity and racial justice.  In this conversation, Angela talks about the “racial moment” we ar

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Episode 03: Talking about Race and Marijuana, Police Abolition, and Stigma

Published Nov 20, 2019

Kassandra Frederique, managing director of policy, advocacy and campaigns at Drug Policy Alliance, joins Chevon and Hiba to talk about her work in advancing policy and community solutions to reduce the harms associated with drug use and the carceral system. They also touch on the importance of language as an organizing tool, and provide a framework that demonstrates racial justice work and marijuana policy reform are inextricably linked.

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EPISODE 02: The “Joker”and Cancel Culture, and Immigration & an Expanded Lens on the Crisis at the Border

Published Oct 18, 2019

In this episode of Momentum, Hiba and Chevon take on ‘cancel culture’ in the comedy world, discussing “Joker” director Todd Phillips recent comments about not being able to make comedy films because of “woke culture”, and Saturday Night Live’s recent hiring and firing of Shane Gillis. 

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Episode 01: Introduction To Momentum With Chevon and Hiba

Published Oct 1, 2019

In this very first episode of Momentum: A Race Forward Podcast, get to know co-hosts Hiba and Chevon as they record from the new Race Forward offices in midtown Manhattan, sipping on Big Freedia wine!

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