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Honest Education Action & Leadership

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H.E.A.L. (Honest Education Action & Leadership) Together is a  Race Forward initiative that is building a movement of students, educators, and parents in school districts across the United States who believe that an honest, accurate and fully funded public education is the foundation for a just, multiracial democracy.

By joining H.E.A.L. Together, you will receive tools and trainings to help you organize your school and community for educational equity — countering those bringing the culture wars to our schools by banning books and censoring educators who teach honestly about race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Take the Pledge!

We are students; we are parents; we are educators; and, we are all people committed to strong schools and a multiracial democracy. 

We are H.E.A.L. Together (Honest Education Action & Leadership)

By signing this pledge, I commit to:

  • Advocating for an honest, accurate, and fully funded public education in my community and across this country;
  • Deepening my own learning about equity and racial justice;
  • Fighting back against those who would deploy divisive narratives for their own political gain–whether they are harmful narratives about people of color (Black and Indigenous people in particular), immigrants, LGBTQ people, people who are disabled, and other marginalized people; or false narratives about the work of equity, inclusion, and justice;
  • Working to build a just, multiracial, pluralistic democracy so that every person has the freedom to thrive.

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